June 05, 2017

Registration FAQ

Registration FAQs

1. Registration fees are as follows: U6-$30, U8-$35, U10-$40, U12 and U15-$45.

2. All U8-U15 players are required to use the uniform designated by Riverdale Youth Soccer. If you did not play in the spring 2017 season, you are required to purchase a uniform. For those that already have a uniform, you also have the option to buy another (ripped jerseys, different size, etc.). The cost of the full uniform is $20 and includes jersey, shorts and socks. If you need a uniform, make sure to choose the option when checking out. If you do not, a uniform will not be ordered for you!

3. When you register your child, they are automatically placed in an age bracket based on their birth year. Riverdale Youth Soccer will place them in the proper age group the Black Swamp Soccer League uses. For example, if your child was born in 2009, registration will show them as U9 age group. We would place them in the U10 division for BSSL.

4. Divisions are assigned as follows:

U6 - 2012, 2013 birth years
U8 - 2010, 2011 birth years
U10 - 2008, 2009 birth years
U12 - 2006, 2007 birth years
U15 - 2003, 2004, 2005 birth years

* If your child played up a division in the prior season, they will be placed in the same division unless requested otherwise.

5. All parents will need to read and acknowledge a Parent's Code of Conduct before completing registration.

6. If Financial Assistance is needed, please contact Matt Shull at 419-889-0854, or by email at director@riverdaleyouthsoccer.com.

7. If you need any assistance with registration, or have questions prior to registering, please send an email to registrar@riverdaleyouthsoccer.com

Please Note
If you have any children that have played in the past with Ohio North, you already have an account in the Affinity System. Please use the "forgot password" link on the left navigation to retrieve your login information. 

If you are a new player this season then please use the create new account option. 

If you have any questions about using the Affinity website,  please use the "Tech Support Contact" link on the left lower corner of your screen. 
You may also call Tech Support at 1.855.980.2886

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